150+ SaaS Tools to Accelerate and Streamline Your SaaS Growth in 2020

SaaS Founders,

What are 2 main roles of a founder?

1. Build a product users love.

2. Build a high performance team to accelerate product growth.

Somewhere in between should be utilizing the right tools to maximize results and team productivity. And this post will help you with this.

I put together a list of 150+ SaaS tools to accelerate and streamline your SaaS growth. Moreover, with this list you can save a bunch of money because many of the SaaS tools listed here are completely free to use.

Below you’ll find the list of 150 tried and tested software products by fellow SaaS founders that help improve and automate your business processes and workflow.

To simplify your search, all tools are placed to the corresponding category and have the information about core features, pricing and availability of free version or free trial.

Which one is your favorite SaaS tool? Drop a note in the comments!


BusinessTo Easily Manage Cash Flow
1.1Accounting / Invoicing SaaS Tools
1.2SaaS Billing & Payment Processing
1.3Best Document Management Software
1.4SaaS Tools to Generate Privacy Policy and Manage Legal Documents
1.5SaaS Billing Software
1.6Best Telephony Software
MarketingTo Automate Marketing Processes and Kill Your Competitors
2.1SaaS Analytics Tools / SaaS Reporting Tools.
2.2Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing Software
2.4Email Capture Tools / Landing Page Builder Software
2.5Email Marketing Software
2.6Online Form Builder Apps / Survey Tools
2.7Best SEO Tools
2.8Design tools
2.9Customer journey tracking tools
2.11Tools to Spy on Your Competition
2.12Best Marketing Automation Tools
2.13Virtual Conference Software
2.14Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools
2.15Tools to Track Social Mentions
2.15Content Marketing Tools
SalesTo Track Leads, Calls, Opportunities and Automation Support
3.1CRM Software & Tools
3.2Cold-Emailing Tools
3.3Best Email Finding Tools
3.4Video Testimonial Software
SupportTo Increase Customer Loyalty
4.1Customer Support / Help Desk Software
4.2Customer Feedback Software
4.3Customer Onboarding Software
4.4Tools for Collecting Feature Requests
4.4Community Platforms
ProductivityTo Boost Productivty and Spped Up Growth
5.1Communication Tools / Chat Tools
5.2Appointment Scheduling Software
5.3Note-Taking Apps
5.4Personal Productivity Tools
HRTo Streamline Your HR Processes
6.1Employee Onboarding Software
6.2Payroll Software
6.3Time Tracking Software
6.4Job Board Software
TeamTo Collaborate Smarter, Not Harder
7.1Planning & Project Management Tools
7.2Team Communication Tools
7.3Remote Collaboration Tools
7.4Task Scheduling Software / Team Management Tools
7.5Product Roadmap Tools
7.6Online Brainstorming Tools

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1.1 Accounting / Invoicing SaaS Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
1.1Xero30 days Free Trial$9/mo-$60/moAn accounting software for small business, that works anywhere you do
  • Unlimited income and expense tracking
  • Track sales tax on income and expenses
  • Add unlimited partners, collaborators or accountants
  • Fully functional double entry system. Generate financial statements for year-end
  • Powerful reports on Overdue Invoices & Bills, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and more
  • Unlimited bank and credit card connections
  • Easily organize income and expenses into tax categories
  • Run multiple businesses in one account
  • Instantly see how your business is performing on your dashboard
Credit card processing
  • 1.4% + €0.25 per transaction for European issued cards excluding VAT
  • 2.9% + €0.25 per transaction for non-European issued cards excluding VAT
Accounting software that works as hard as you do:
  • Simple, reliable, and secure
  • Easily manage cash flow
  • Be ready for tax time
1.1ModuuloFree 14-day trialfrom £129/mo
  • Hasslefree invoicing without any extra business software.
  • Invoicing for time-tracked services such as consulting,
  • outstaffing/outsourcing or coaching.
1.1OdooYes$0 for Invocing appCreate sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments.

1.2 SaaS Billing & Payment Processing

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
1.2ChargeBeeNo$49/mo - $249/moAn easy to use recurring billing and invoicing solution for online businesses
1.2ChargifyNo$459/mo - $65/moEasily Manage Your Recurring Revenue Business. Customers sign up, make payments, use coupons, upgrade... You bill one-time & recurring fees using whatever pricing model you need, charge cards, send invoices & reminders, etc.
1.2PayPalYes$0 (if no currency conversion is required)An international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders
1.2RecurlyHas trial period$99/mo - $259/moSubscription Billing Automation. As the leading recurring billing platform, Recurly ensures setup is easy, integrations are quick, and our service scales with the needs of your business. With Recurly you'll be ready to accept payments and focus on growing your sales in no time.
1.2Pay KickstartHas trial period$99/mo - $299/moSubscription billing and affiliate management, powered with built-in checkout tools, customer retention tools to help minimize churn, conversion tools to maximize revenue and automation tools to reduce overhead, seamlessly integrate with 3rd party tools.

1.3 Best Document Management Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Unlimited spaces and pages
  • Macros
  • Structured page tree
  • Page versioning
  • Best practice template library
  • Apps and integrations
  • 2 GB file storage
  • Community Support
$10/flat/mo for up to 10 users then $10/user/moConfluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet.
  • Unlimited pages & blocks
  • Share with 5 guests
  • Sync across devices
Free - $8/user/moTo blend notes, tasks, wikis in one app (I use it for many other things, check it out!).
  • 50 docs / month
  • Unlimited personal docs
  • Unlimited members
  • 3 integrations
Free- $6.67/user/moKeep your team connected through writing Stay aligned. Centralize and organize your team’s knowledge with Slite.
1.3TrainualFree for 7-Days$99/mo - $149/moThe easiest way to train and grow your team Onboarding, training, processes, policies, SOPs, wiki, playbooks, and more, all in one beautifully simple app.
1.3ProfitWellAbsolutely accurate subscription business metrics — totally free.ProfitWell helps subscription products and companies achieve faster recurring revenue growth. We do this by driving better monetization, customer retention, and insights, with solutions backed by data science.

1.4 SaaS Tools to Generate Privacy Policy and Manage Legal Documents

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
1.4Choose a licenseFree (opensource)FreeSoftware / data / media / documentation / fonts and mixed projects licenses options and comparisions.
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy with some limitations
  • Up to 25k Cookie Solution (Cookie banner, prior blocking and asynchronous reactivation, IAB TCF compatible)
Free - $129/per site/app and per languageThe easiest way to generate a professional, customizable, self-updating privacy policy. Choose between 6 languages. Documents hosted and kept up to date. Backed by real lawyers. Additional assistance service with premium legal team for custom Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

1.5 SaaS Billing Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
1.5BillsbyYesBillsby Complete plan includes all the features you need to grow your subscription business. With no minimum charges or obligatory fees, we only make money when you do.$0 per month. 0.8% transaction fee. Start with a $50,000 free trial.It's customizable and easy to integrate subscription billing software used by hundreds of companies worldwide to simplify revenue operations.

1.6 Best Telephony Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
1.6CircleLoop7 day free trial£5-15/user/mo + VATBusiness communicationthat’s better all round Modern-day business communications that you can set up within a matter of minutes! Professional business numbers, calling and features.
1.6KnowLarity7 DAYS Free Trialfrom $30 for small companiesStay Connected with your Business, from Anywhere & Everywhere .Enabling businesses to connect with their employees and customers through Cloud Telephony for seamless business Communication
  • E-mail Ticketing - 1 Email address
  • Live Chat - 1 Chat button
  • Call center support - 1 Phone number
  • Customer Service - 24/7
$15-$39/agent/moStand out from your competitors with a strong customer service culture​ If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will. Stay close to your customers with the right help desk software.
1.6CloudtalkFree trial for 14 daysFrom $15 per user/month billed annuallyRemote ready business phone solution.Create a virtual phone system for sales and customer service teams from anywhere in the world.

2.1 SaaS Analytics Tools / SaaS Reporting Tools.

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 1 website you can track
  • 3000 daily page views (total)
  • All the basics:
  • Individual visitors and actions
  • Real-time data
  • Content / Searches / Referrers / etc
  • Basic segmentation
  • Customizable dashboard
  • API access
  • Widgets
  • + Lots more!
from $9.99/moReal Time Web Analytics
2.1Google AnalyticsYes
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Data Activation
  • Integrations
$0Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.
2.1Heap AnalyticsYes
  • Limited session volume
  • 3 months data history
  • 1 user license
  • 1 project
$0 - $599+Instant, retroactive analytics for web and iOS. No code required.
2.1KISSmetricsNo$150/mo - $500/moKISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it. Every last piece gets connected to a real person. All of it. It doesn’t matter if people bounce around between different browsers and devices. Or even if it takes them 6 months to come back. You’ll see what real people do.
  • Includes 1,000 visitors/mo
  • 2 Sources
  • 300+ Integrations
$29/mo - $349/moThe right way to manage your tools. The idea is simple: one pipeline for all your data. Send data to any third-party tool with a single integration.

2.2 Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.2HotJarYesCollect data from:
  • 2,000 pageviews / day
  • Limited reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Data storage for 365 days
$0 - $29/mo (personal)Records videos and collects heatmaps of your site visitor actions.
2.1UserTrackNofrom $7.99/moReplace all your third-party website analytics (Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.) with a single platform. The straightforward way to understand your users and increase conversions.
2.2OptimizelyYesFeature Management:
  • Feature Rollouts
  • Feature Flags
  • Feature Variables
  • Environments
  • Whitelisting
  • Logging
  • User Profiles
Create and Launch Experiences:
  • Experiment Change History
  • Experiments
  • Traffic allocation
  • 1 Projects
  • 1 Number of Concurrent Experiments
  • SDK
  • API
and more
$0/mo - $359/moA/B testing you'll actually use. Track engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups, or anything else that matters to you and your business. Optimizely's custom goal tracking provides an endless range of measurable actions that you can define. Just tell Optimizely what to measure, and we will do the rest.

2.4 Email Capture Tools / Landing Page Builder Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 1000 Contacts
  • 1000 Branded Emails
  • Email Marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Broadcast
  • Sequences
  • Lead Grabbers
  • Landing Pages
  • CRM
  • Helpdesk
  • Live Chat
and more..."
$0/mo - $47.99/moIt's your comprehensive set of Marketing tools, including Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Template Builder, Landing Page Builder, Lead Generation tools, Social Suite & more, your marketing team can take things to the next level.
2.4GetResponseFree 30-day trial$15/mo - $99/moGrow your audience, promote services, and sell products with marketing software that does the job for you.
  • 1,000 visitors / mo
  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited poptins
  • Chat & Email support
$0/mo-$99/moIt's a comprehensive marketing software platform that helps you create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your website. Integrated email marketing, autoresponders, and landing pages let you automate essential tasks and launch effective marketing campaigns. Advanced analytics make it easy to track conversions, leads, and ROI, and learn what your customers want. Customizable template scenarios do the work for you – no coding necessary.
2.4InstapageNo$29/mo - $127/moA landing page solution for optimizing your ad spend. Build, Integrate, Collaborate & Optimize.
2.4LeadPagesFree 14-day trial$25/mo - $199/moGenerate leads and increase revenue using the industry-leading landing page builder with accompanying suite of lead generation and opt-in tools.
2.4SimvolyUnlimited free trial?$12/mo - $149/moHelps you with your ideas and passions. To help you grow, get to more people and enjoy every aspect of it.
2.4UnbounceFree 14-day trial$49/mo - $199/moUnbounce empowers marketers to act independently from technical teams, improving their efficiency and their ability to generate sales. Produce high-converting landing pages without dealing with I.T. bottlenecks. See how Unbounce can enhance your campaigns and maximize your marketing spend.
2.4WebflowFree$0Build better business websites, faster. Without coding.

2.5 Email Marketing Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.5Customer.ioFree 30-day trial$50/mo - $1250/moSend email based on what people do or don't do in your app. Customer.io lets you send newsletters to segments of customers using data from your site.
2.5DripFree 14-day trialPaid plans from $49/moAdvanced marketing automation with workflows, drip campaigns, conversion tracking etc..
2.5EmailOnAcidFree 7-day trialfrom $73/mo billed monthlyQuickly ensure that your emails don't look like crap in any email client.
2.5LitmusFree 7-day trial$79/mo - $159/moLets you preview your campaigns across 30+ real email clients and devices in minutes.
  • 2000 contacts
  • 1 audience
  • 7 marketing channels
  • 1-Step Automations
  • Basic templates
  • Marketing CRM
  • Surveys
  • Websites
  • Custom domains
  • Audience Dashboard
  • Tags
  • Segmentation
  • Behavioral Targeting
$0/mo - $299/moGet your business online today with a custom domain It’s easy to find the right audience when you have the right tools. Start with a custom domain, then build a free website to get your business online quickly.
  • 1000 contacts
  • 12000 emails/mo
  • Knowledge base
  • Video tutorials
  • Email support 24/7
  • Rich text editor
  • Landing pages
  • Embedded signup forms
  • Pop-up subscribe forms
  • Subscriber management
  • Unsubscribe page builder
and more...
Free - $140/moBecome an email marketing expert with advanced tools made easy for you. Includes live 24/7 support and the latest features like landing pages and automation.
2.5MarketHeroTrials have a mailing limit due to hardcosts however you can use and play with the entire platform$99+/moAutoresponder / email marketing tool.

2.7 Best SEO Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.7AhrefsNo (Trial is 7 days for $7)$79/mo - $2500/moAhrefs provides a complete digital marketing suite with tools for analyzing backlinks, analyzing websites, rank tracking, content exploring and more.

2.8 Design tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.8CanvaYes$0Design great social media images with text and graphics for Free or a few bucks depending on the images you select

2.9 Customer journey tracking tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Core analytics
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Track up to 10 million actions per month
Product intelligence gives teams the data and insights they need to build great product experiences—and do it at scale.
2.9BaremetricsFree 14-day trial$79/mo - $249/moOne click and you get dozens of valuable metrics from your Stripe account
2.9Full StoryFree 14-day trialTells you everything you need to know about your digital experience. Deliver exceptional experiences by letting our easy-to-use, intelligent software pinpoint when, where, and how user struggle is affecting your revenue and retention.
2.9Heap AnalyticsYes + 14-day free trial for all plans
  • Limited session volume
  • 3 months data history
  • 1 user license
  • 1 project
from $0Smarter way to build digital products. With comprehensive data collection and structured processes, Heap helps Product Managers understand their users, make data-driven decisions, and craft delightful digital experiences.
  • Live chat
  • Team inbox
  • Mobile apps (IOS, Android)
  • Basic Knowledge base
  • 2 seats and up to 1,000 unique visitors
$0-$573.30/moYou get autotracking + funnel analysis https://www.dashly.io/autotracking along with chat and email marketing 🙂
2.9WickedreportsNo$400 - $850/moMulti-channel attribut that sell online for marketers
2.9InnerTrendsNofrom $699.00/monthGet deep insights into how your customers use your product
2.9MetabaseYesOpen SourceEnterprise: from $10,000 /yearIs the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.
  • All analytics feature
  • 1000 monthly tracked users
  • Unlimited accounts for employees
  • 90-day data history
$0-$89/moMixpanel is on a mission to increase the rate of innovation, but we can't do it alone. We've built a trusted network of Technology and Solution Partners to help businesses innovate faster by analyzing, measuring, and improving their customer experience-over and over again
  • 5K Tracking Pageviews
  • 200 Recordings Limit
  • Feedback Widget
  • Polling Widget
  • A/B Testing
  • Web Personalization
  • Visitor Journey
  • Visitor Recordings
  • 1 mo Recordings Storage
  • 1 Heatmap Profile
  • 1 Conversion Funnel
  • Team Size: 1
  • 1 Website
  • Support Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Exclude IP
$16-$192/moAn easy to use conversion tracking tool to help you effectively reduce Cost Per Acquisition and increase Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Includes 1,000 visitors/mo
  • 2 Sources
  • 300+ Integrations
$0-$120/moThe best companies are built on unified customer data
2.9HelpCrunch14-day free trial€12/member/mo- €20/member/moScale your support, marketing and sales with HelpCrunch all-in-one toolset - everything you need is now in one place.

2.11 Tools to Spy on Your Competition

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.11Brand24Free 14-day trial$49/mo - $199/moWe use advanced sentiment detection to segment positive, negative and neutral mentions.
2.11Competitors.appNo$9.90 - $14.90/mo/competitorCompetitors App helps marketers monitor their competitors' marketing moves in one place, with very little time investment
2.11InclickHas trial period$59/mo - $249/moCollect, Analyse, and Visualise Social Media Marketing data 85% faster
2.11RivalIQFree 14-day trial$199./mo - $499/moPowerful social media analytics. No data scientist required. Crush your competition with on-demand social media analytics, alerts, and custom reports.
2.11SEMrushNo$99.95/mo - $399/moAll-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals
2.11AccordablyIn beta nowIn beta nowStop wasting time manually checking all your competitor’s channels and let Accordably do the grunt work for you.
2.11SpyfuNo$33/mo - $299/moExposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.
2.11TalkwalkerNofrom $9600/yearlySocial insights for the world's most impactful brands

2.12 Best Marketing Automation Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.12ActiveCampaignNo$9/mo - $229/moGives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.
  • Unlimited landing pages & forms
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Manage 1,000 subscribers
$29/ moShare what you love to connect with your followers and grow your business.
2.12DripFree 14-day trialfrom $19/ moIt's your ecommerce marketing engine. Build personalized customer experiences, drive more revenue, and take your marketing strategy to the next level with Drip. Your ecommerce marketing engine. Build personalized customer experiences, drive more revenue, and take your marketing strategy to the next level with Drip.
2.12SendInBlueYesUnlimited contacts$25/mo - $66/moMake your business take flight with the complete sales & marketing toolbox. Grow. Sell. Engage.

2.13 Virtual Conference Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.13HeySummitNo$29/mo - $249/moTake the heavy lifting out of summit organisation. Get your message in front of a global audience by leveraging the marketing power of an online summit.
2.13EventtusNo$1099-$5499Create your event app, sell tickets, and capture leads through an award-winning event platform.

2.14 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.14MusefindNo$50/moInfluencer Marketing Made Accessible For Everyone

2.15 Tools to Track Social Mentions

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
2.15Famm ioYes
  • Monitoring of 1 project
  • 250 monthly mentions
  • Tracking of 3 keywords.
  • Access to influencer, competitor, and project analytics.
$29-$159Engage in online conversations around your brand to get valuable consumer insights and manage your brand’s reputation
2.15ContentkingappHas free trial€29-€139/moBecause search engines never sleep Real-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking
2.15Synergy4SaaSYesList your SaaS on the network Receive hosting requests Host unlimited guest posts€0/mo-€79/moThe go-to solution for guest posting and organic link-building. Get relevant traffic and links from companies in your niche.

3.1 CRM Software & Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
3.1Close.ioFree 14-day trial$59/mo - $299/moMetabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.
3.1PipedriveFree 14-day trial$12.50/mo - $99/moDesigned to keep you selling
  • Up to 10 users
  • 1,000 Contacts & Companies
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Lead Scoring
  • Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Custom Deal Milestones
  • Email Tracking
  • 1 Campaign Workflow
  • 5 Nodes Per Campaign
  • 1 Automation Rules (Triggers)
  • 1 Plugins/Integrations
  • 500 API Calls/Day
$8.99-$47.99/user/moSales Enablement + Marketing Automation + Customer Service
3.1Zoho CRMFlexible free trial$12-$45/user/moZoho CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue.
3.1Salesmate15-day free trial$12/user/mo-$70/user/moTo organize your sales process, win more deals, and create happy customers with our automated sales CRM.
3.1Autoklose14-day free trial$49.99/user/mo-$149.95/user/moTo close more deals faster. Sales engagement platform and B2B data all-in-one.

3.2 Cold-Emailing Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
3.2KlentyFree 14-day trial$25/mo - $80/moGreat features and benefits at a pocket-friendly rate than most of the other products you mentioned. They have all kinds of abilities like A/B test, mail merge, cadence throttle etc, multi-channel outreach capabilities like calls and tasks. It worked very well for me. It's a very simple to set up and a self serve model and even if u encounter any trouble, they have a really good customer support to help you 24*7. Definitely worth a try.
3.2LemlistFree 14-day trial$29/mo - $99/moA tool powering sales teams, agencies, and B2B businesses personalize and automate cold emai
  • 20 emails per day
  • 3 step limit on sequences
  • Email Finder & Email tracker
  • Chrome Extension
  • A/B Testing
$29/mo - $69/moEasily send a batch of personalized emails and follows-up directly from your mailbox, run A/B tests, track analytics
3.2Prospect.ioNo$79/mo - $129/moIncrease your outbound sales team productivity with our multichannel sales automation platform. Start more conversations, close more deals.
3.2Reply.ioFree 14-day trial$50/mo - $70/moSales engagement platform which automates email search, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails and calls. It eliminates routine work and let your sales team focus on what really matters - closing deals.
3.2Snov.ioYes50 monthly credits and 100 drip campaign recipients$39/mo - $159/moScale your business and engage leads better with the sales CRM that delivers results.
3.2WoodpeckerFree 14-day trial$40-$50/seat/moAllow you sending automated cold email and follow-ups from your mailbox
3.2Wufasta7-day free trial$99/moIt offers you a suite of B2B lead generation tools that you can use to find leads, send cold outreach emails, enrich contact data & more.

3.3 Best Email Finding Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
3.3Hunter.ioYes50 Monthly requests$49/mo - $399/moHunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.
3.3FindthatleadHas free trial$49/mo - $399/moGet all the emails you want and send love with FindThatLead
3.3AeroleadsYes10 free credits$49/mo - $499/moAeroLeads Email Finder is used by hundreds of businesses, online marketers, sales teams, recruiters to find business details and b2b data. Go ahead and try us for free.
3.3RocketreachNophp1908/mo - php9734/moConnect directly with the right decision makers, using the world's largest and most accurate database of emails and direct dials.
  • 100 visits/day
  • 1500 scans/day
  • Scan Profiles
  • Visit Profiles
$12/mo - $59/moThe perfect tool for freelancers, agencies for anyone who needs to find new customers fast and easy

3.4 Video Testimonial Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 20 mins of video or audio processing per month
  • VideoAsk branded
  • All core features
  • Voice-text transcription
  • Zapier integration
$29/mo - $40/moInteract face-to-face with your audience & build stronger business relationships.
3.4BoastFree 14-day trial$16-$166/moIt allows customers to share praise for your company directly from their mobile phone. From testimonial creation and submission to approval and presentation, Boast makes collecting video testimonials easier than ever - for you and your clients.
3.4MagnfiFree 7-day trial$29/video credit-$37/moCapture your happy clients’ feedback without the cost of scheduling, filming, and production.

4.1 Customer Support / Help Desk Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
4.1Customerly.ioYes2 seats included$24/mo - $129/moYour simple solution to creating genuine and lasting relationships with your customers
  • Email & Social Ticketing
  • Ticket Dispatch
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket Trend Report
  • Datacenter Location
$16/mo - $70/moOur products help your sales, marketing, support, IT, and HR teams deliver the best customer experiences.
4.1HelpScoutFree 15-day trial$15/moHelp Scout gives us the ease to have people hop in where they need to, to get to a customer resolution really quickly
4.1IntercomHas free trial$87/mo - $153/moGive customers a conversational experience they'll remember—and come back for. It all starts with the #1 Business Messenge
  • 7 Days Ticket history
  • 1 Email address for E-mail Ticketing
  • 1 Chat button for Live Chat
  • 24/7 Support
$15/mo - $39/moStand out from your competitors with a strong customer service culture​ If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will. Stay close to your customers with the right help desk software.
4.1LivechatFree 14-day trial$16/mo - $50/moLiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.
4.1OutsetaYesit's free forever for up to 25 contacts$29/mo - $79/moWe figured there had to be a better, more efficient way to launch an early stage subscription business. Here you'll find our story, why we decided to tackle this problem, and evidence that a platform solution is a better approach to building your subscription business.
4.1Support HeroFree 14-day trial$49/mo - $199/moEmpower your Business and Customers with a Knowledge Base System for Today

4.2 Customer Feedback Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
4.2Canny.ioFree 14-day trial$50/mo - $200/moCapture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions.
  • Responses: 25 Per Month
  • Nudges Views: 10K Per Month
  • Nudges ™: Unlimited
  • Domains: 1
  • User Admins: 1
  • Email Notifications:Daily Digest
  • Question Types: Free
  • Export Data: CSV Only
$0-$ 0.40 Response/moMakes it easy to survey specific users in context while they are looking at your product, service & brand
  • 125+ professional survey templates
  • Skip logic surveys
  • Email embeddable surveys
  • Respondent identification and enrichment
  • HubSpot, Intercom and more integrations
  • Feedback Button unlimited responses
  • Data retention: 1 month
$49/mo - $249/moBetter customer experience. Faster growth
4.2Upvoty.comFree 14-day trial$15/mo - $99/moInstant feedback.Instantly better products.
  • up to 2 000 contacts
  • Unlimited agent seats
  • Contact base
  • CRM
  • Analytics & user segmentation
  • Live Chat
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Knowledge Base
  • Push notifications
$49/mo - $1349/moIs a single workspace providing you with easy-to-use, yet very robust tools for marketing, sales, management, and support teams.
4.2Refiner7-day free trial$39/mo - $199/moIt helps you increase conversions, better retain your customers and make product decisions with confidence.

4.3 Customer Onboarding Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
4.3AppcuesHas free trial$249/mo - $879/moConvert new users into raving fans with automated and personalized onboarding, product tours, surveys, and announcements. More effective than email. Faster than bugging your developers.- Start freeor schedule time with a product specialist
4.3HelpHeroFree 14-day trial$55/mo - $299/moEasy & affordable way to create product tours Create interactive, easy to follow product tours that will help your users get started and adopt new features quicker than ever. No coding or big budgets required.
  • 5 Stonly guides
  • 1 user
  • Embed guides anywhere
  • Up to 5,000 interactions/month
$29/mo - $99/moMake every customer successful Easily create interactive step-by-step guides and put them exactly where your customers need help most
4.3LighthouseFree 14-day trial$25/mo - $100/moCollaborate effortlessly on projects.Cut the fat out of your workflow and stay focused on what’s important
4.3Tooltips.ioFree 14-day trial$249/moEasily onboard new users, educate customers and run in-product marketing. Without help from developers.
4.3UserGuidingFree 14-day trial$99$29/mo - $99/moThe simplest way to design product walkthroughs,Build interactive product tours in minutes with our user-friendly "No Coding" solution.
4.3UserpilotFree 14-day trial$199/moDeliver the Perfect Product Experience.
4.3ZenDeskHas free trial$1/mo - $195/moIt makes support, sales, and customer engagement software for everyone. It’s quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs. With Zendesk, it takes hours — not weeks — to get up and running.
4.3UserlistStarting from $99/moOnboard and engage your SaaS users with targeted behavior-based campaigns. Segment users based on what they do. Choose the right channel (email or in-app messages) to deliver the right information when your users need it the most.
4.3helppierFree 14-day trial$39/mo - $299/moGuide users anywhere, anytime. Helppier is the easiest way to engage and help users online. Turn users into customers with interactive user guides, tooltips, pop-ups, warnings, and more. Convert user guides into tutorial videos and share with users online or offline. Without coding. Without emails or calls.

4.4 Community Building Platform

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
4.4TribeYesCustom domain, 500 members$0/mo - $249/mo+A powerful community platform, integrated into your product to increase user engagement, drive retention, and boost customer lifetime value.

5.1 Communication Tools / Chat Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
5.1SkypeYes$0. Skype for Business $3-$10/user/moHost a video meeting in one click! No sign ups. No downloads required.
5.1​Google Meet​Yes
  • Meeting length 1 hour (24 hours through Sept. 30, 2020)
  • Meeting up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Invite external participants
  • Share your screen and present
  • Adjustable layouts
  • Self-help online and community forums
  • Anti-abuse features
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • 2-step verification
  • Advanced Protection Program Enrollment
  • up to 15 GB Google Drive storage per user
$0 at the momentVideo meetings software
  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
  • 40 mins limit on group meetings
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Video Conferencing Features
  • Web Conferencing Features
  • Group Collaboration Features
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • AES 256 bits encryption
$13.99/mo/host(up to 9 hosts per account)-$18.99/mo/hostRun video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinar.
5.1ConferflyYesUp to 3 Conference Rooms. Basic Email Support. Automatic Events Update. Customizable Rooms. Ads Free.$3/room/mo - $5/room/moOne Click to join (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc) from your Conference Room.

5.2 Appointment Scheduling Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Calendar connections (1 calendar / user)
  • Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud
  • Schedule unlimited events
  • 1 event type
  • Personalized Calendly link (e.g. calendly.com/janedoe)
  • Automated event notifications
$8-$12/user/moCalendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails
5.2Pickitme​Yes$0It helps you make appointment scheduling a piece of cake
  • 1 Active Events
  • 4 Bookings Daily
  • 0 Team Member
  • 0 App Integration
  • Dashboard Notification
  • Email Notification
  • CRM Solution
  • Generate QR Code
$6.99-$34.99/moFollowedIt helps you make appointments, book customers, take payment, notify your clients about new events and so much more.

5.3 Note-Taking Apps

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Unlimited pages & blocks
  • Share with 5 guests
  • Sync across devices
$0 - $8/user/moAll-in-one workspace One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized.
5.3EvernoteYesTake great notes€6,99-€13.99/moEvernote helps you capture and manage ideas, projects, memories, and to-do lists, so nothing gets missed. Write notes, attach documents, scan images, take voice memos or clip from the web.

5.4 Personal Productivity Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Allow users to familiarise themselves with the core features
  • Doesn't include Snippets Text Expansion
£29-£49/single userApp for macOS which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.
  • Up to 80 projects
  • Up to 5 people per project
  • Recurring due dates
  • Task priorities
  • Integrations
$3/moOur team is committed to staying independent and earning your trust for as long as you need our apps.

6.1 Employee Onboarding Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Up to 50 employees
  • Up to 3 published job postings
  • Recruitment Team Inbox
  • Basic Career Site
  • Email Integration
  • Kanban Boards for applicant tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Candidate Application via Email
  • Employee Referral
  • Employee Directory
  • Organization Chart
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Basic Time Off Management
€42-€172/50 users/yearHelps you manage your hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows in one place.
6.1Sentrifugo​Yes$0Sentrifugo is an open-source HRMS. It provides many features including expense & asset management, performance management, employee self-service, analytics and more.

6.2 Payroll Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
6.2GustoNo$6+/mo/personSupporting small businesses through the ups and downs. Our team is committed to staying independent and earning your trust for as long as you need our apps.
6.2WagePointNo$20 + $2/mo/employeeInterested in easy, modern payroll and benefits? Start with a few questions about your business.

6.3 Time Tracking Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 1 Person
  • 2 Projects
$12-$99/person/moTime tracking for those who value insight. Harvest makes it easy to track time and expenses, so you get access to critical data without driving yourself (or your team) crazy.
  • 1 User
  • Time tracking
  • Activity levels
  • Limited screenshots
  • Limited payments
$7-$20/user/moSpend less time tracking and more time growing
6.3TogglFree 30-day trialfrom $9/user/moSimple time tracking. Powerful reporting.

6.4 Job Board Software

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
6.4FiverrService fee$2 service fee on purchases up to $40 5% service fee for orders more than $40Find the perfect freelance services for your business
6.4FreelancerService fee3% or $3.00 USD (whichever is greater) service fee for fixed-price projects 3% fee service fee for hourly projects You may cancel the project from your dashboard at any time for up to seven (7) days after the project has been accepted for a full refund of your fee.Hire the best freelancers for any job, online.
6.4UpworkService fee20% for the first $500 you bill your client across all contracts with them. 10% for total billings with your client between $500.01 and $10,000. 5% for total billings with your client that exceed $10,000.Hire proven pros with confidence using the world’s largest, remote talent platform.
6.4AdafaceYou can check out a sample assessment for free here: https://www.adaface.com/app/dashboard/login?show=signup (no credit card required)$199/mo-$479/moSkills assessment platform to identify qualified developers accurately using an intelligent chatbot with in-built code editor

7.1 Planning & Project Management Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Tasks
  • List view
  • Board view
  • Calendar view
  • Assignee and due dates
  • Collaboration with up to 15 teammates
  • Integration with your favorite apps
$10.99-$24.99/user/moKeep your team coordinated, wherever you are
  • 100MB Storage
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Users
$0 - $4.23/user/moOne app to replace them all.
7.1AirtableYesCreating unlimited bases
  • Team calendars
  • Task management (Kanban dashboards).
  • File storage (up to 2GB),
  • Revision history (up to two weeks),
  • Records (row limit) per base (1,200)
$10-$20/user/moPart spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, Airtable gives you the freedom to arrange your work just the way you like.
  • Up to 10 users
  • Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Backlog
  • Agile reporting
  • Customizable workflows
  • Roadmaps
  • Automation (single-project)
  • Apps and integrations
  • 2 GB file storage
  • Community support
$10/mo hosted - $10/yr self-hostedThe #1 software development tool used by agile team
  • Unlimited Personal Boards
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Lists
  • 10MB per File Attachment
  • 10 Team Boards
  • 1 Power-Up per Board
  • Simple automation to your everyday tasks
  • Commands limited to 1 card button, 1 board button, and 1 rule
  • 50 Command runs per month
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Without integrations
$9.99-$17.50/user/moTrello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.
7.1ProProfs Project​ Yes
  • 1 User
  • 3 Projects Tasks & Sub Tasks
  • List & Calendar View
  • Assignees & Due Date​
$2-$4/user/moEasy to use online project management tool you'll love
7.1Zepel​YesFor up to 5 members.$0-$5/member/moFor product development than tracking issues and tasks.​
7.1ProofHub14-day free trial$45/mo-$89/moProofHub is packed with all the features your teams need to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time. It helps your teams to work together the easiest, fastest and smartest way with all the right tools put under one roof.

7.2 Team Communication Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 10k searchable messages
  • 10 apps and integrations
  • 1-to-1 video calls
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Team access to Slack’s basic features.
$0 - $12.5/userWith channels in Slack, you and your team know where to go to ask questions, share updates and stay in the loop.
7.2ChantyYesUp to 10 members:
  • Unlimited private and public conversations
  • Unlimited searchable history
  • Unlimited one to one audio calls
  • Unlimited voice messages
  • Built-in task management
  • Community support
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Team members
  • Guest users: 1 guest per member
  • Up to 10 Integrations
  • 20GB file storage per team
$3/user/moEasy-to-use team collaboration tool. Get secure unlimited messaging free forever.
  • Full message history
  • Unlimited 1:1 conversations
  • Up to 3 group conversations
  • 10 GB file storage
  • Native apps
from $5/user/moCombining messaging with file sharing and tasks, Fleep has everything you need to coordinate your team’s work from idea to execution.

7.3 Remote Collaboration Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
7.3EmpMonitorFree for 15 days For 5 users$3-$5/user/moTo manage and Monitor all your remote employees from a Single Dashboard
7.3QuireYesYou can enjoy a free Quire account with up to 35 organizations, 80 projects and 30 members per organization. The good news is that, whatever you’re currently using will continue to be free, even after we introduce the pricing packages.$0A visual collaborative platform for your next, great projects.
7.3TallyfyFree 14-day trialFor 10 members: $42/mo - 250/moTallyfy is beautiful workflow software for professionals. It frees you from busywork and eliminates chaos in your daily tasks, approvals and business processes.
7.3Taskque.comYes + 60 days free trial for paid version
  • Up to 10 users
  • 5 MB Attachment Limit
  • 1 GB Space
$5/user/moAnd enhancing your organization's productivity is at the heart of what we do. Automatically!
7.3Slackby7-day free trial$5/user/mo-$18/user/moWith the simplicity of spreadsheets, functionality of databases and integrations with best business APIs, Stackby gives you flexibility to build your own work tools your way. No coding or technical skills required. Experience the power of flexible spreadsheet-databases today.
  • Screen sharing
  • Banners
  • On-screen comments
  • 6 on-screen participants
  • Brand colors
  • Green screen
  • Stream anywhere
  • StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Streaming limits
$0-$39/moStreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

7.4 Task Scheduling Software / Team Management Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
7.4Aha!Yes for Startups
  • Up to 5 users
  • Set strategy
  • Build roadmaps
  • Create plans
  • Prioritize work
  • Gather feedback
  • Report on progress
  • Share presentations
$59-$149/user/moAchieve more when you start with strategy. Define key initiatives so you can do the work to reach your objectives.

7.5 Product Roadmap Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • 10 Free Projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited members
  • 100 MB File Storage
  • All essential features
$5/user/moTo create task lists, write notes, and video chat together, all on the same page.

7.6 Online Brainstorming Tools

CategoryTool nameFree versionFree version providesPricingDescription
  • Unlimited team members
  • 3 editable boards
  • Anonymous board viewers
  • Pre-made templates
  • Core integrations
  • Basic attention management
$8-$16/member/moFor research, ideation, building customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing and more.
  • 3 private diagrams
  • Unlimited public diagrams
  • Over 1600 beautiful icons
  • Unlimited image uploads
  • Auto-arrange branches
  • Full change history
  • PDF & Image download
  • Unconnected text boxes
  • Export as .mm and text
  • Export for Microsoft Visio
  • Import .mm and text
  • Multiple start points
  • Shared folders
  • Embed mindmaps anywhere
$5-$8/member/moIt help you share complex information easily.

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